Zesttee's Daily Health: The Science

Health Profile Creation

Your medical history, lab results, concerns, diet, lifestyle, medications, and goals come together to form your unique health profile. Our assessments are designed to collect and organise the information you wish to provide.

Evidence-Based Methodology

We scanned over 25 million research citations from 5,600 scientific journals to map effective supplements to diverse health concerns. Our algorithm leverages on this database and your unique health profile to recommend the optimal supplements mix and lifestyle guidance for your goals.

Quality Supplements

Our supplements are made at GMP certified factories in Singapore and the USA. We only use natural ingredients which are considered safe for consumption by the US FDA and Singapore HSA.

Feedback Loop

We continually optimise supplements mix and guidance based on your health status updates and lab test results. You’ll learn what works best for you and will get precise care as health concerns and goals change over time.