Zesttee Men's Hair Loss

How It Works

1. Assess your Hair Loss

Answer some questions for our Singapore-registered hair loss medication called finasteride (generic Propecia). Medication helps for immediate improvement.

2. Get Personalised Treatment

We offer prescription and over-the-counter medication, hair loss supplements, and a lab test for optimising your hair health. Order what you want.

3. Get Ongoing Testing and Care

Track potential underlying causes for your hair loss with convenient home lab testing. Get ongoing care through telehealth consults with our doctors. 

Your Personal Treatment Options

We use an integrated approach to best improve the health of your hair.

1. Supplements

Using evidence-based research, we have curated a hair loss natural supplements pack to stimulate hair growth. Combat hair loss for good.
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2. Medication + Spray

Pair your daily finasteride medication with a minoxidil spray to see immediate improvement.
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3. Health Test

Identify underlying causes of hair loss with a health test. Improve and track biomarkers that impact your hair and overall health over time.
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What is Hair Loss?

Hair loss (Alopecia) can affect your hair on your scalp or body. It can be permanent or temporary, and it may develop gradually over the years or happen abruptly. There are various causes of hair loss including hormonal changes, medical conditions, or just a normal part of aging.

Did you know?
  • Approximately 35 million men suffer from hair loss
  • Men at age 35 have a 40% hair loss rate
  • Men at age 80 have a 70% hair loss rate
  • Roughly 95% of hair loss in men is caused by androgenetic alopecia
  • 42% of men experience moderate to extensive hair loss in their lifetime
Effective Treatments

The most popular hair loss medications are Minoxidil and Finasteride. Studies show that using both is more effective for hair preservation than using either one alone. Our pricing for Minoxidil is just $75 per bottle, and Finasteride is $84 for 30 daily tablets.

What to Expect With Treatment

1-2 Months: Save it

There will likely be no visible change in the first two months. Though some people may shed more fine hairs than before. This is temporary and normal.

3-6 Months: Regrow it

At this point, it may become noticeable that hair loss has slowed, stopped, or in some cases maybe even reversed. Take a photo to track your progress.

6 Months and Beyond

By now, hair loss may have considerably slowed or stopped, and some people may see signs of regrowth (usually at the crown of the head). Consistent daily treatment is required to maintain results and increase the chance of regrowth.

Our Zesttee Experience

Get evaluated by a doctor from the comfort of home. Obtain affordable medication within 1-2 business days.


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"Hair loss can affect a man's confidence and signify ageing. As your doctor, I endeavour to address your hair loss concerns and help you regain self-esteem through simple, easy & effective treatment programs."

- Dr Kenneth MBBCh (Cardiff University, United Kingdom), Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine AAAM (United States), COC Certified Aesthetic Physician (Singapore)