Zesttee's Basic Kid's Health Test
Basic Kid's Health Test

Evaluates sensitivity to 96 common foods including dairy, fruits, grains, herbs, meat, nuts, seafood, and spices. And measures vitamin D which impacts strength and immunity.

Collection Method: Blood (Finger-Prick) and Saliva

$ 299

What's This Test About?

There’s a 20% chance that your child doesn’t feel well after consuming certain foods. And it’s difficult for you to identify these food sensitivities because symptoms can be delayed by up to 48 hours and can last for days.


There’s a 70% likelihood that your child is low in vitamin D. This can weaken bones, teeth, and muscles. And degrade your child’s ability to fight infections.


If your child has any of the following symptoms, we encourage you to administer this home test.

Related Symptoms



Back Pain


Bone Pain or Loss

Brain Fog



Dry Skin

Fatigue or TIredness


Hair Loss





Itchy Skin

Joint Pain


Muscle Pain or Soreness


Slowed Healing

Stomach Pain


Weakened Immunity


Weight Gain

What's Measured?
Personalised Results

Get a sample preview of what your personal dashboard may look like if you get tested! Your dashboard will display detailed information on your lab results, along with personalised supplement recommendations and more.

How It Works

Get tested in the comfort of your home.

1. Order the test

Select your home based test, order and we will ship a FREE test kit to you.

2. Register your kit

After opening the kit, you’ll register it online (each kit has a unique test kit ID). This links the test kit to your account on our secure online platform, where your results will appear.

3. Collect your sample(s)

Collect blood and saliva samples for your Basic Kid's Health Test.

4. View your test results

Once the lab receives your samples, you'll be able to view your results on your secure online account within 2 to 5 business days. Results are easy to understand.

5. Optimise your health

Based on your results, we will recommend lifestyle, diet, and personalised supplement packs that will be shipped to you every 30 days. Track and measure improvements in your health with regular testing.

Inside Your Kit

We'll send you everything you need to take your test wherever and whenever suits you best. You'll also receive a short guide to walk you through each simple step of the sample collection process.


2X Saliva Tubes

3X Lancets

1X Blood Spot Collection Card

2X Alcohol Pads

1X Bandaid

1X Padded Envelope

1X Biohazard Bag

1X Test Requisition Form

1X Blood Instructions Booklet

1X Saliva Instructions Booklet

Blood Sample Collection

Just a few drops of blood from your finger, and you’re on your way to getting important insights about your kid's health.

Saliva Sample Collection

It’s never been easier and more convenient to evaluate a wide range of hormones. All it takes is spitting into a tube and a few simple directions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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