Zesttee's Home Lab Tests

How It Works

1. Order Test


2. Register Test

3. Send Samples

4. View Results

5. Optimise Health

Step 1. Order Your Test

The world is your oyster. Shop from our range of home lab tests to gain insights on you health concerns.
*You only pay for the lab test. The test kit is entirely free.

Step 2. Register Your Test

Don't forget. After opening your kit, register it online. This links the test to your secure account.

Step 3. Collect Your Sample(s)

It's straightforward. Collect blood, saliva, and/or urine sample(s) for your test.

Step 4. View Your Results

Get informed. You’ll be able to see your test results on a personal dashboard within 10 business days.

Step 5. Optimise Your Health

Now, the fun part. Based on your doctor-reviewed results, we’ll provide personalised guidance and supplement recommendations for you to feel your personal best! Test regularly to track progress and get fresh guidance for health optimisation.