Zesttee's Home Lab Tests: The Science

Our Science

We follow industry best practices for home lab testing. Our processes for sample collection, lab processing, and doctor review adhere to regulatory guidelines.

Insightful Tests

Our tests measure biomarkers which provide health insights that you can act on. Our tests are generally the same tests that doctors order, and are supported by independent, peer-reviewed research.


Biomarker is short for biological marker, and is used as an indication that a biological process in the body has happened or is ongoing. Biomarkers are molecules found in blood, saliva, and urine.

Lab Certification

The laboratory tests we offer meet the highest standards of quality, safety, reliability and accuracy. The laboratories we work with are accredited by regulatory authorities in the USA and Europe.

Sample Collection

Our collection methods are effective, well-established, and easy to do at home. We only offer collection methods that meet rigorous standards for reliability, stability, and validity for use in at-home collection.

It’s a common misconception that labs need entire vials of blood to run one or more tests. In reality, many common tests can be done with only a small amount of blood, and there is often a large amount of wasted and unused sample left after testing is complete.

Lab Processing

Every sample that our partner labs receive has a unique barcode ID that is used to identify the sample throughout the entire testing process. This barcode ID is linked to the customer and ensures the results are accurately delivered for the correct person.

Doctor Review

Some test markers have a predetermined “critical value.” Whenever a customer has a critical result, then a doctor is requested to review the lab results and contact the customer.