Zesttee: The Science

Tracking of Health Indicators

Ongoing testing of your health indicators (biomarkers) helps us to identify the underlying cause of health concerns, determine suitable courses of action, and track improvements. Your past lab test results can be uploaded to your dashboard to provide historical reference for long-term health deterioration. Since many health problems don’t have noticeable symptoms, biomarker measurements are essential for insights, proactive action, and health maintenance.

Personalised Recommendations

Each individual has unique genetics, health history, sensitivities, life challenges, and preferences. We use data collected through assessments and lab test results to create each person’s health profile. Our system acts on this information to provide personalised guidance which is most suitable for long-term adoption and health improvements.

Our Highly Accredited Network of Laboratories

Our labs use various monitoring techniques, including inspections and audits, to promote confidence in laboratory results, to assure the quality of the data generated, and to ensure compliance with Medical Laboratory accreditation (ISO 15189).