Zesttee: Meet the Founders

Personal Experiences

The founding story of Zesttee is grounded in our co-founders' personal experiences. One had to contend with depression and the fight to innovate his natural health business. And the other had to cope with a son’s leukaemia diagnosis and his wife’s mental health challenges. As friends who have kept in touch for over 10 years, we believe we’re not alone in having to deal with family health issues.

Problems We Faced

We discovered that finding effective solutions for health concerns is a confusing process. In addition, simple tests require frequent drives to the clinic, lab reports are difficult to understand, and the cost of medical care is exorbitant. We know what it’s like to feel lost, confused, and overwhelmed.

A Better Way

We believe individuals should be empowered to take control of their health. That’s why we created Zesttee, your trusted digital health clinic. We are offering a fresh, fun approach to different health subjects – taboo or not. Let Zesttee be your go-to guide for feeling your personal best.

“It's essential to remove the complexities around healthcare. We're making it simple for you to understand the WHY and HOW of feeling your best every day.”



"We are creating the simplest customer experience to empower individuals to better understand how to improve & be in control of their health, and live more fulfilling lives."


Our integrated approach allows us to create the best health plan for you. Using your results from our assessments and doctor consults, we are able to apply evidence-based algorithms to recommend targeted guidance, as well as home lab tests, personalised supplements, and medication for various health concerns. All in all, we offer a digital health experience based on transparency and precision so life’s unmentionables can be dealt with confidence.


Empower us to empower you.

You're In The Fight Against Malnutrition

We have partnered with Vitamin Angels to combat malnutrition in children from developing countries. For every order placed, we support one child for a year's supply of vitamins and deworming medication.