Zesttee: PE Program
4 Priligy 30mg for $90

Take one Priligy 30mg tablet 1 hour before sex for up to 12 hours of better ejaculation control. Priligy is the only approved medication for Premature Ejaculation. It is clinically proven to improve control in 80% of men.

30 Performance Packs for $89

We developed the Zesttee Performance Pack specifically for better circulation, erection, and enlargement. You get 30 packs of 5 capsules. And take 1 pack daily after breakfast. You can also take a pack 1 hour before sex with or without meds to enjoy good performance boost in a natural way. It’s Ok to take 2 packs in a day.


Arginine-Citrulline Complex gives extended blood circulation boost and Male Performance Blend widens blood vessels and releases nitric oxide to relax penis tissue for maximum blood engorgement and erection.

30 Control Packs for $106

The Zesttee Control Pack delivers high dosage supplements that work synergistically to improve ejaculation control. You get 30 packs of 5 capsules. One pack should be consumed daily after dinner.


ControlX calms your mind, 5-HTP and SAMe boost serotonin production, and Ashwagandha lowers stress hormone levels. Serotonin, a chemical that helps send signals between nerve cells, is less active in men with PE. 

10 Control Wipes for $25

Our Wipe is an all-natural male genital desensitiser made to help with longer lasting, more satisfying sex.


Simply apply by wrapping the wipe around the penis. Then, stroke the head of the penis repeatedly for 20-30 seconds, so the lotion contained in the wipe can be properly absorbed. Use 30 minutes prior to sexual activity to enjoy up to 48 hours of improved ejaculation control.

PE Treatment Program

Get the best of both worlds with medication for immediate results and natural supplements & formulation for long lasting improvement in ejaculation control. Take action for your health and relationship today!

Zesttee Packs

Our Zesttee Packs are a specially curated, synergistic blend of supplements tailored to addressing your specific needs, from sleep to energy to sexual performance.

Our Zesttee Packs are crafted on three anchors :

Evidence Based Research : Our in-house experts scanned thousands of medical databases to curate the specific blend of supplements that is the most safe and most effective for your needs.

Synergistic Blend
: Our supplements are formulated to synergistically deliver outstanding results.

: Our Zesttee packs are shipped straight to your door. Your 30-day supply comes packed in individual daily packs for maximum convenience!

Superb Experience

Get evaluated by a doctor from the comfort of home. Obtain affordable medication with free same-day delivery.

A chat with Dr. Clarence about PE

Learn more about PE with Dr. Clarence, a general practitioner who treats ED, PE, and Andropause.


"Zesttee offers men an online platform to discuss and seek treatments for their intimate issues."
- Dr Ivan Tan Khee Hon MBBS (Singapore),
GDFM Derm (Singapore), DP Derm (Wales)
(Medical Advisor to Zesttee)