Zesttee: Process Your Lab Results for Free
Analyse, Organise, Digitise

All your tests on one platform: We digitise your past health tests so you can securely access all your historical data from one location.

Easy to read results: We provide you an understandable analysis of your male performance markers and recommend personalised diet, lifestyle, and supplement packs for optimising your male performance.

Track your progress: Track and measure improvements on a regular basis by performing quarterly male performance tests to get continual evaluations and streamlined guidance.

Get Actionable Value from Past Lab Results

Your blood tests are interpreted using the latest research and compiled into a functional male performance report. Click below to receive a sample report of the analysis we can provide you.

How It Works?

Your lab results might be normal, but are they optimal? Get 100% science-backed lifestyle, diet, and supplement recommendations based on your lab results.

1. Search

Find your lab tests from the past 3 years or request them from your healthcare provider.

2. Upload Your Results

Upload a picture or PDF file of your test results to Zesttee Lab Test Analyser.

3. Easy to Read Reports

Receive personalised reports with clear explanations of your lab results and guidance for male performance optimisation through nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle changes.

Important Male Performance Indicators Supported by our Approach