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Men's Sexual Health Journal:

What Your Erections Says About Your Health

Your penis is a precise indicator of your overall health. You’re typically at peak health when your erection comes easily and remains hard for extended and repeated intercourse.

Total Penis Engorgement (Part 1) - The Science
The aim of total penis engorgement is to fill your penis to maximum capacity with blood so it becomes completely erect, enlarged to upper limits in length and girth, and capable for extended intercourse.

Total Penis Engorgement (Part 2) - Maximising Nitric Oxide Release
Maximising Nitric Oxide release is the key to total penis engorgement and long-lasting erection. This can be done through a combination of supplements, foods, and exercise.

Total Penis Engorgement (Part 3) - Minimising Blood Outflow
In order to sustain long-term erection, blood must remain in the penis once it flows in. This is done through pressure on penile veins by pelvic floor muscles. Pelvic floor muscles are the layer of muscles that support the pelvic organs and span the bottom of the pelvis.

Perspectives On Penis Size

Among women that care about size, far more care about girth than length. In one study of 50 sexually active undergraduate women, 9 out of 10 felt that penis width was more important for sexual satisfaction than penis length.

Vitamins That Affect Erections

Vitamins and minerals are used in systems all over the body. Everywhere from your cardiovascular to your nervous system. It’s a lot to understand. So to help dispel some of the myths and outlandish claims, we’ll take a look at how five common vitamins and nutrients affect one very specific aspect of men’s health—erections. Turns out, vitamins can do more than just ward off the common cold.

The Complete Formulation

Our powerful formula can be beneficial for boosting libido, testosterone levels, sex drive and support sexual performance.